about the site

  • about the site

Under the Oaks was originally the name of a graphic novel in the form of a webcomic I started in 2010.
Now it serves as a portfolio for my artwork. I also run a small webshop where I sell apparel and prints, and in the future I will also be selling one-of-a-kind handmade items.

The website runs on WordPress.


  • where is the comic?

For those of you wondering where the graphic novel went, I’m sorry to say that Under the Oaks as a webcomic will seize to exist because it is not a medium I feel comfortable working with, as such a continuous workflow does not work for me in the long run due.

However, it’s certainly not dead as a project as I am still exploring the best method to express the storyline and setting. For now, sketches, paintings and short comics is my medium of preference.